Products & Modalities

The only ritual that is performed on the customer's behalf is the ancestral clearing. This is performed by SRI Master himself. As far as all of the other rituals? No. We supply the instructions and materials needed for the ritual; you would then perform the ritual as instructed.
All beacons are connected to your particular divine parents whoever they may be within this Galaxy. ?Divine parents are the Gods that crafted your soul.? You can have between 1-5. Each cosmic Beacon has at least 2 gods attached to it, they will in turn act as connectivity to your particular divine parent(s). The divine Beacon has more gods attached to its apparatus.
Everything that will create the action of drawing blessings that funnels into your life. We refrain from listing the ingredients of this alter set for obvious reasons. However, all contents of the altar sets will give the customer the very best amalgamation of energies that will serve as an excellent offering and begin to turn the tides within the favor of the client spiritually as well as cosmically. We strongly suggest continuing your spiritual education by attending a seminar or becoming a student to support all that you do in front of the altar. The altar does not serve as a total spiritual education yet it will enhance all that you will learn and do within your life physically.