No. However, they are more powerful if you have an altar.
Unless you are enrolled an initiate or a participant in the BALDR/KRONOS program,? you may simply discard the wax.
Multiples of 7 (7, 14, or 21) minutes unless otherwise stated on the instructions that come with your KAnd-EL.? The instructions are on the paper that comes wrapped around the Super KAnd-EL
No, unless otherwise stated at the time the ritual is given.
You can purchase a Creator KAnd-EL which will give you some of the power of a full altar set up.? If you can burn ancestor money while the Creator KAnd-EL is lit, it will give you the option of sending power to your ancestors as well.? If you can only burn the KAnd-EL & ancestor money, please know your Ancestors & Divine Parents understand that you are doing the absolute best you can for the time being.? As time goes on, you will see that the opportunity for a full altar will present itself as a response to the dedication of your spiritual practices.
There is no specific way to start; however, the best way to experience this movement is by attending one of our Seminars and/or Kundalini Reiki Activations. You can browse what we offer under our ‘shop’ and ‘services’ tabs on our website to see what calls to your specific situation. Honoring your ancestors by giving them the offering of Ancestor Money is always a great place to start so that your ancestors can start to help clear any blockages. If you need an altar and are not certain of how to build one, we offer altar kits. Are you still unsure? You can always book a consultation with Sri Master Gano Grills.